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Adult Baby Letters (Volume 1)

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AB Letters Volume 1

In all of the years I have been interested in Femdom, the topic of infantilism and the Adult Babies; Nappy Lovers and Mummies has always been one which fascinated me.

Age play and regression is something in which I have played many times and, it is, in many ways, the ultimate submission and domination play. To be reduced to the state of a mewling and dependent infant is, for me, the epitome of submission.

The letters reproduced in this, the first volume of Adult Baby Letters, have been in my collection for many years and, I hope you enjoy reading them.

I hope that the letters may inspire you to participate actively in infantilism play – after all, wouldn’t the world be a much better place if all men were constantly nappied and under womens’ control? I think so!

Strictly for over 18's!

Adult Baby Letters (Volume One)

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