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Adult Breastfeeding (ANR)

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Adult Breastfeeding

The names Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breast Feeding both have abbreviations while they sound slightly different they are, in actual fact the same thing.Adult Breast Feeding, which is abbreviated to “ABF”, is the more commonly used in the United Kingdom amongst the people who are interested or involved in the fetish.

The most commonly used name is “Adult Nursing Relationship” as it’s a better description of what’s involved, the abbreviation is “ANR” while they both mean similar things, the only key difference is that “ABF” describes the actual act or actions which are involved, “ANR” is a relationship which centres or is the focus of the relationship.

This book is an insight for those couples who may be interested in starting an ANR relationship. Hints and tips on how to begin and maintain a supremely intimate and loving relationship.

Adult Breastfeeding (ANR)
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