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It occurred to me that one of the things that Adult Babies enjoy is Baby Food and Baby Milk. Certainly, since I was re-introduced to formula milk and baby mush, I have become very used to eating it - and enjoying it.

It's definitely true that some foods are an acquired taste while some are a hidden delight. Perfect for a healthy snack rather than a chocolate bar.

I intend trying more foods over the coming weeks and months. I'm sure Mummy will ensure that that happens! As time allows I will post short reviews so that those of you who are curious about trying baby food can avoid the ones that make you go 'Eugh'!

I'd love to hear from anyone who'd like to assist in this quest. Feel free to write to me at Baby Food Reviews with a short review and, if possible, a picture of the food you have eaten.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ella's Kitchen - Strawberries & Apples.

This was the very first one of the Ella's Kitchen baby foods I had seen. Suitable for feeding from 4 months, the Strawberries and Apples were delightful! Really fresh and tasty.
The packaging was convenient and easy to use. Unscrew the top and suck out the contents or allow Mummy to simply squeeze it into your mouth.
I will be buying more very soon!



I decided that I would have this as an alternative to a chocolate bar today. Really glad I did too. It filled me more than chocolate would have done and it was much healthier.
Slightly sweet - natural sugars, but very tasty.
The Apples and banana tastes complemented each other well. Perhaps not as instantly likeable as the Strawberry & Apple, but very nice nevertheless.


Hipp - Banana Custard

Think of a thick banana yoghurt. This is it. Cunningly disguised as baby food, there is nothing in this to put off an adult from eating it.
It tasted fresh and was a real pleasure.


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