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At last all of Phillip’s baby desires had come to reality. He was living the life he had always wanted; that of a baby. What made it so special was that he had found a Mummy who was more than happy to keep and treat him as a baby all the time.

While he was still able to, and under his new Mummy’s supervision, Phillip kept an account of his journey from that of an adult to that of a helpless baby. It wasn’t a long journey, Phillip regressed very quickly, he soon became almost as much of a baby as when he had first been born.

Expressing his feelings of his transformation from a man to a baby very quickly became a task beyond his abilities, he could no longer function as an adult, he was in a world of never ending babyhood.

A world of nappies, plastic pants, rompers, footed sleepers, pacifiers, bottle and breastfeeding, and many hours sleeping in a cot.

Baby's Story

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