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I needed a new  whisk / blender so I bought this one. Now if you look there is a chopper which looks about the right size for blending an adult meal into something a baby would be served.

I have a larger food processor and with that you don’t get enough depth to properly chop the food. Also, using a blender jug I found it was hard to add the ingredients and get them to blend without it turning to pure mush.  

So I gave this smaller blender a go and having added the steamed potatoes first blending/chopping them into a mash(?) I added the rest of my dinner: Carrots; leeks; cabbage; broccoli and braised steak. One by one blending as I went.  

I did add some extra hot water to the mix to help it flow, just enough to make it fold over and recirculate . Once ready, this a matter of personal preference, it was poured into a baby bowl and eaten with a spoon.  

Ok so not baby food as you would buy it but rather a take on it and something anyone can copy, cheaper too.

Available from:

For breakfast, babies of all ages can enjoy porridge.

I’ve tried a few other baby breakfast cereals but this one is actually quite nice.

It’s fairly bland but it is made from Oats and Rice with milk added, so it’s all down to personal taste.  

I personally use water from the kettle then I add enough dry powder to make a thick paste, not too thick as it thickens slightly for a few minutes after adding.

This is before I pour it into a character bowl and eat with a plastic character spoon.

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