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24th March 2015

So I'm Ben, I'm 26 oh and I wear nappies. Yes, that's right, nappies.

I put them on my self and then when they need changing I do it. I never poo in my nappy, it would just be too messy to clean up and it's not something I want to entertain.

I don't wear them all the time, only when I feel it safe to do so.  No-one else knows, not my friends or my family, imagine if they found out. Would they disown me or what?

I also sometimes suck a dummy whenever I can and I like to wear a bib when eating. Sometimes I make myself some milk and drink it from a baby's bottle.

I do all this by myself, I like dressing up and acting like a baby but I have no-one that would do it for me.Would I like someone to do it to me?  Yes, I would but she has to be perfect.

I say she, it's a fetish that I have being treated like a baby.  I'm not gay so the sexual attraction of a woman treating me like a baby is something that I greatly desire.

Fortunately I live alone so I have no-one else invading my baby time.  I'd like to live with someone, a partner, a woman who would treat me like a baby but thus far this has proven unsuccessful. I imagine her sitting me on her lap, in just my nappy, with her leg gently bobbing up and down as she held me into place with her hands under my armpits.I'm a face guy, she'll have bulky lips, a round face, with maybe a dimple or two on each of her cheeks, I imagine her always being in control and having the look in her eyes that she knows it too.

I've had girlfriends but none of them ever knew about how I wanted them to treat me, I never had the guts to tell any of them.  Would they tell anyone else?  I've decided that if I'm going to find a woman who is willing to change my nappy I need to ask her and if I do that then it needs to be someone that I don't know.

I'm doing just that, I've found an "adult nursery". A woman who will charge you to change your nappy.  You can have anything from a hour at a £100 to the full weekend arrive at 5pm on the Friday and leaving at 10am on the Monday at £1,500. I've gone for an hour at £100, how do I know if I'm actually going to enjoy it or not?

It's two days away, I'm visiting her on an afternoon about 3pm.  I'm nervous now and it's 48 hours away, what am I going to be like getting off the train and walking to her house? Although at the same time I can't wait to get there, I've seen pictures of her and she's beautiful, I want to be sat on her lap as she held me.

I won't be blogging until after I've been so wish me luck.

Part 2 - April 2015

Wow!  Just got back from the adult baby nursery.  I need to take a couple of deep breaths......

A few hours before our appointment I made sure I drank plenty of liquid.  I was wearing a nappy so that I could feel it up and when I got to hers I would need changing. As I got off the train and walked to hers I could feel the squelching.  As I neared her house I could feel myself walking slower, did I really want to do this?

I got to her drive and waited, I put my legs slightly apart and gently bounced.  I imagined that I was perhaps sat on her lap or maybe in a baby bouncer.

I walked up the drive and rang the doorbell, then I waited, should I run away?  She was going to be here any second.

I looked at my feet, I lowered my legs slightly so that my bulky nappy was pushing against my bum. I saw a faint shadow through the door getting bigger as it approached.  It opened and there she stood, the woman who was going to put a nappy onto this 26 year old man and sit him onto her lap.

She smiled and held out her hand, "Hello baby, I'm Mummy" she said. I gently shook her hand, it was so smooth.  She could see I was nervous as I walked in, she gently tapped my bum and said "oh, someone could do with a nappy change." I stood as I took my shoes off.

As I did this, she took the opportunity to torment and humiliate me more as she gave my nappy a squeeze knowing it was bulky and full of wee.

I walked into the living room and was greeted by a large changing mat and all the necessary accoutrements. Talcum powder, nappy cream, wipes, a bowl of water and of course a pack of nappies. I took my coat off and gently knelt down, I twisted my body round as I laid onto the mat.

She knelt down in front of me, my feet were flat on the floor as my legs were off the ground and wide open. She moved my legs flat onto the floor and sat me up right.

She took off my hooded jacket and my shirt, I was now naked from the waist up.  

"I'll put these in a quick wash for you baby, they'll be done by the time you wake up from your nap." She said.

'Nap? What nap?' I thought to myself  I don't remember asking for a nap.

She must have seen the surprise in my face as she said "all babies get their time of play followed by nap time". I tingled as she laid me back down and spread my legs up as they were before.

She went into her bag and pulled something out.  It was a dummy, brand new still in its packet."This is yours, baby" she said as she took it out of the packet and placed it into my mouth.

I could feel my erection getting bigger at this point. She took my socks off one at a time.  Then undid my belt and carefully managed it so that my trousers came over the nappy with too much trouble.  She stood up and pulled my trousers completely away.

As my legs dropped to the floor there I was, a big baby.  I felt helpless.

I just lay there as she took her camera out of her bag and started taking pictures.  This is all part of the service as it says on the website.  She takes hundreds of photos of you as a baby and then sends them to you via email. Once she had take quite a few she stopped and knelt down.  She lifted my legs up so that they were off the floor.  

I just made sure I held them there.  She went back into her bag and pulled out a ring with some colourful plastic keys on it.  She handed it to me, I began playing with it.

She placed herself in between my legs and undid the tabs, then she pulled the nappy away.  My erection was revealed.  "Oh dear..." She said, gently. 

"Shall we sort that for you?" she said, sympathetically.

She wrapped some tissues around it and began rubbing it, starting slow but getting faster.  It didn't take me long to cum. She put the used tissues along with the dirty nappy in a nappy sack and began to clean me up.

She put the nappy cream all over my groin along with the talcum powder.  She pulled out the fresh nappy and opened it up like a flower.

She slid the back underneath my bum making sure the tabs were peeking around the side.  She then held the bottom of my nappy against my bum with her right hand as she pulled the front of it up between my legs with her left. Still holding the bottom of my nappy against my bum with her right hand she pushed my penis into the nappy making sure that when I wee'd it would be collected in the right part of my nappy.

She replaced her right hand with her right knee holding the bottom of my nappy in place as she could concentrate both hands on sticking the tabs of my nappy together.

With her left hand she took the left hand side of the nappy and with her right the right hand side and stretched the front of my nappy and pulled it around my waist.

She held it as if she was trying to get both hands completely around my waist.  Her right hand index finger was holding the right hand side of my nappy and the left hand index finger the left hand side of my nappy. Her thumbs held the middle of my nappy into place, she moved her left hand away and pulled the right hand side rear of the nappy into place.

Somehow with this one free hand she managed to unstick the tab and stick it to the front of the nappy.

With this side now stuck down she concentrated on the left hand side.  Again pulling it round so it tight to my waist.  She quickly assorted these two tabs into place, then back to the right hand side and my nappy was on, if had a nappy change for the first time in about 24 years.

Now what? I thought to myself.  With my nappy on I no longer had a care in the world.  I lay there wriggling playing with the plastic keys sucking on my dummy.

She tidied up putting the cream, tissues and powder back in her bag, the bucket back in the kitchen and the nappy sack full with my old dirty nappy in the bin.

What did she have planned for me now?

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