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It was, I suppose, inevitable. Lucy, my wife had taken a lover around eighteen months ago. She still loved me but I had been unable to satisfy her sexually for too long. She had needs.

Lucy however wanted to ensure that I was not tempted to look elsewhere for femqale company so set about reducing my status within our home to that of her baby boy.

As the months had gone by, I had gone from sleeping in the marital bed to sleeping in an adult sized cot. The majority of my meals had been replaced by bottles of baby formula and jars of baby food. I was, to all intents and purposes when I was at home, an infant.

This story recounts the day that my wife decided that a day with her lover meant that I could no longer be trusted to look after myself. She called a dominatrix friend who offered to babysit in her own individual style.

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Cuckold Baby Slave

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