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Effective Diaper Domination

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      Thanks to Michael for this article which he found online.

Effective Diaper Domination

     I got to thinking very early on how have males get away with it for so
     long. Leaking spunk everywhere I mean. Wet Dreams, wanking, the mess they
     leave when they ejaculate on clothing, the bed clothes, worse, on you and

     If we women made a quarter as much sticky mess as the average male does,
     male society would have introduced standards to demand we, ‘take
     measures’. Panty pads, tampons and the like are indicators of the way
     society thinks. Hide it away, keep it secret but men get away with the
     whole nine yards. I read the following article many years ago and it got
     me thinking and not to say a little hot.

     I claim no credit for the following.

     Of the many ways to capture and dominate your favourite sub, male or
     female, is the use of diapers which also offers unique potential. Unlike
     traditional bondage equipment, which cannot usually be worn in public,
     diapers are generally hidden and if discovered (intentionally or by
     accident) are presumed to be present due to medical necessity. Therefore
     there is considerably more flexibility with diaper bondage and less chance
     of undue attention from the authorities.

     Traditional bondage serves to restrict a sub's mobility. Since it is in
     the very nature of human beings to move, each time a sub attempts to find
     a more comfortable position, it is reminded that the Top has removed this
     privilege and that it is under the Top's control. But aside from having
     been restricted, the sub's sense of self is generally intact. If invasive
     devices such as dildos are used, the sub may feel penetrated by the top
     but this effect is limited in its duration by bodily functions, among
     other considerations.

     Diaper bondage is unique in that while the sub's body is not normally
     penetrated (but this can be added easily) it is the sense of self that is
     under control of the Top. Toilet training is a cornerstone of our
     psychological processes. So much has been written about its ramifications
     for adult life that little need be mentioned here. The effect of diaper
     bondage is to defeat toilet training, almost always against the sub's
     will. The injunctions against wetting and/or soiling oneself are the
     strongest known to us. Therefore, when a sub is confined to diapers for an
     extended period, these injunctions are confronted within the subconscious
     of the sub's mind, causing anxiety, turmoil and identification of the Top
     as a parent figure.

     This serves the Top's interests well. The parent figure in our psyche is a
     giver of comfort, nourishment, and a dispenser of discipline. Since most
     children learn that rebellion against the parent's authority is futile; a
     child posture in the sub can be pleasing for the Top. One of the
     objectives of effective diaper domination is to use discomfort and
     embarrassment to push the sub to a point where  it will appeal the Top's
     use of diapers and control can then be further enforced.

     A sub in diapers is no less dependent on the Top than if it were in
     bondage. As soon as the diapers are pinned and the plastic panties in
     place the sub realizes that she or he has been deprived of the most basic
     and private decision of adult life -- when and how to relieve oneself. It
     will not, at first, occur to the sub that attempting to refrain from
     elimination will be futile, that it is the Top's plan and desire that the
     sub suffer forced incontinence. The sub will, instead, be initially
     concerned with the strange feelings of the diaper such as the bulk between
     the legs which alters its walk and the growing heat caused by the plastic
     panties. The second concern of the sub will be its appearance. We are an
     image-based society and the sub will have cultivated a personal image,
     which includes some degree of vanity. Forcing an obviously diapered adult
     to mingle with the public forces the victim to re-evaluate this image,
     causing more anxiety and distress. The Top may take some assurance that
     anyone who guesses the cause of the bulges under the sub's clothing will
     presume an innocent reason, but the sub has no such comfort. Every strange
     look, every whispered comment will torture the sub with the suspicion that
     someone has guessed that he or she is wearing diapers and therefore less
     of an adult.

     The most common objection to the use of diapers is that the sub's genitals
     are bundled out of reach and use by the Top. While this is true, it is
     only an obstacle when the session is intended to remain indoors. As soon
     as privacy is lost, so too is the opportunity to fondle the sub
     intimately. Diaper bondage offers the prospect of intense psychological
     effect on the sub during intervals when even traditional bondage would be

     Males and females react differently to the prospect of being forcibly
     confined in diapers. While this likely has its roots in male vs. female
     ego, there are some simpler explanations. Males depend on being able to
     see their genitals to confirm their presence and state. Women's genitals
     are hidden and she must rely on internal sensations to judge their
     condition, therefore it is not a new sensation for her to be denied visual
     contact with her organs. A second point is that all women of childbearing
     age are, in essence, incontinent for several days each month. The
     menstrual cycle is a closely guarded subject normally amongst us women and
     we are often raised with injunctions to the effect that we are not to give
     any indication that we are menstruating, discuss the subject with men, or
     otherwise acknowledge it as a normal bodily function. "Discretion" is the
     key word as the woman chooses the pads or tampons necessary to preserve
     her clothing. A recent tampon advertisement criticized napkins (sanitary
     towels) for "feeling like diapers", and no doubt this is true, considering
     that both disposable diapers and feminine pads must feel alike to the
     sensitive vulva. Therefore for a woman the prospect of being diapered
     offers little novelty. She is used to having to care for an uncontrolled
     release of fluid from her body and taking great pains to conceal the
     activity from everyone else. This helps to explain that female diaper
     fetishists are rare (but much sought after by males of the same

     Males lack this training in incontinence and its camouflage. They also
     lack the convenience of full skirts to hide the bulges under clothing.
     Even the slimmest diaper on a male will cause obvious changes to his
     outline. And since, as has been demonstrated, this outline is a key
     element of his self-perception, it is here that the Top begins to make
     inroads in domination.
     Masters and Mistresses wishing to obtain the basic necessities for diaper
     domination will not have to look far. There is a wide range of adult
     disposable diapers available at most drug stores. While effective for
     their intended use, such diapers are usually not absorbent or thick enough
     to serve well in diaper domination. Plastic pants can be had from medical
     supply stores and are a definite necessity both for their practical and
     psychological properties. Disposable adult diapers may be supplemented
     with unbacked disposables which permit drainage into the outer diaper.
     This adds extra bulk between the legs, which is necessary to provide the
     discomfort that is a fundamental element of the process. On the subject of
     discomfort and disposable diapers of all types. Most manufactures go to
     great lengths to ensure the wearer feels comfortable and 'dry' in their
     products and this is done by them using a special 'dry' top layer.  It is
     important that your sub can actually feel when they wet themselves
     (imagine that!). The use of a simple single thickness cotton liner or a
     thicker cotton diaper insert is all that is  required to conveniently
     defeated this innovation. Do not be tempted to use the 100% polyester
     liners that are sold as they too are completely non-absorbent, and so
     provide just as an affective stay-dry layer as already fitted.

     Cloth diapers are  easily made although they can be purchased - See LINKS
     PAGE for suppliers. Generally about four can be made from cutting up a
     single size flannel bed sheet. Normal baby pins can be used but some
     purists purchase women's kilt pins to provide a larger, more babyish
     fastener. Two toddler disposables, taped end to end, and placed inside the
     cloth diaper increase absorbency and offer protection from soiling.
     Purpose made pads like the Abri-let Maxi by Abena. Different sizes are
     available but this one being 16 x 61 cm makes it  ideal for this purpose
     and they can be used on there own if desired for light protection. Pads of
     this nature are normal offered by the maker with and  without plastic
     backing so check before ordering.

     Whatever the materials used the primary objective for the Top using
     diapers on a sub are discomfort, visibility, efficiency, and security.
     Here we can use the  five basic senses to guide our play very effectively
     … sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

     Discomfort  serves to remind the diapered subject that she or he is indeed
     in diapers and will, sooner or later, be forced to use them for
     eliminations. All diapers are uncomfortable to an adult unused to wearing
     them but this discomfort can be increased through a variety of simple

     The first discomfort enhancer is bulk. Here we are using the sense touch,
     especially between the legs. Bulk can be accomplished by adding extra
     diapers to the crotch of the diaper (cloth or disposable respectively)
     thus forming a soaker panel which is rigid enough not to be compressed by
     the sub's walking action. In fact, it will force the sub to walk slightly
     bow-legged in a manner best described as a waddle. The sub will be unable
     to escape this pressure between the legs, which in the male especially can
     be quite uncomfortable. When walking the male's inner thighs will chafe on
     the diaper and when sitting the extra bulk will be pressed against his
     genitals. This latter effect is especially useful for long trips on public
     transit when the male has no choice but to sit and endure whatever his Top
     has put on him. So the first sense we can  use is touch but it can be used
     in other ways additional restraints,  flogging or patting the diapered
     butt for example.

     The second discomfort enhancer again associated with the  touch sense is
     heat. The presence of plastic panties will cause a trapping of body heat
     and the resulting perspiration will with little effort make a diaper damp
     and uncomfortable. The amount of heat retained can be increased by
     doubling up with disposable diapers and adding an extra pair(s) of plastic
     panties or bloomers. These measures, in turn, can be amplified by coating
     the diaper area with Vaseline, which impedes perspiration. (Do not get any
     Vaseline on plastic articles as it will cause them to crack and harden).
     Consideration may also be given to restrictive clothing such as girdles.
     It should be noted that most disposable adult diapers become very itchy
     when worn for extended periods. Therefore extended confinement in them,
     especially with some of the other measures discussed, will have your sub
     squirming and begging for relief within hours, whether it has wet and
     soiled or not.

     The remaining discomfort enhancers are used occasionally, for special
     sessions or punishments. Mustard plaster on the rear cheeks is effective
     as a long-term punishment since the resulting burn will last several days
     whether the sub is diapered or not. Shaving the pubic hair is favored as a
     routine discomfort enhancement since the sub is unable to scratch at the
     predictable itch and is usually forbidden to touch its diapers and plastic
     pants. Plus shaving your subs pubes makes cleanup easier too!
     Butt and vaginal plugs, especially those with harnesses are often used to
     create a background haze of discomfort and forestall soiling when it is
     not desired. A sub diapered in this manner will appear dazed and
     distracted, which may attract more attention from the public. Such devices
     are especially useful when the sub may normally be required to change its
     own diapers say on an aircraft, thus providing itself some limited comfort
     while being constantly reminded that you the Top is still in control.

     A Top's second consideration when confining a sub to diapers is visibility
     and here we use the sense of sight. While adult diaper manufacturers have
     worked strenuously to make their products less obtrusive, these efforts
     must be defeated if the sub is to suffer humiliation in public (real or
     imagined). In summer this is often accomplished by the use of shorts with
     a male sub that are too small to cover all of the plastic panties. Thus
     the sub must confront the reality that his secret is always open to
     viewing should anyone look closely enough. In winter the sub should be
     forced to wear pants that allow the diaper bulge to show prominently and
     no top coat should be allowed.

     Diaper visibility in female requires different strategies. Skirts that are
     short enough to allow brief glimpses of the bulging plastic panties are
     fine for summer. Shorts with very wide leg openings are also useful,
     especially if the female is to be taken shopping for shoes, in which
     situation the clerk would get an unimpeded view of her diapered crotch. In
     winter a female could be forced to wear a garter belt and stockings under
     a skirt that is both too tight and slit too high to conceal either her
     garters or her plastic panties. If the stockings are seamed, with
     reinforced heels, she will attract a lot of attention from males, to add
     to her distress.

     When at home, both male and female subs should not be permitted any
     covering over their diapers unless it is of a disciplinary or control
     nature. The shirt-and-diapers uniform is common to toddlers because it
     offers the ability to instantly discern the condition of the wearers
     diaper, no less is true of the diapered sub. A secondary benefit is that
     the sub is forced to see its  diapers all the time, knowing they cannot be
     removed or altered without intervention from you the Top. In this state of
     undress, the sub should be forced to perform chores, which may result in
     them being observed by strangers. These can be in the form of retrieving
     the morning paper, hanging out the laundry, or being outside sunbathing
     for a suitable length of time. A diaper provides a much more modest cover
     for the lower body than any swimsuit bottom or G-string would do so in the
     end what is the problem? Visibility can be further increased by the use of
     coloured and/or patterned panties which catch the observers eye more

     Some activities require additional clothing. A sub sent to do the laundry
     in a Laundromat or apartment laundry should be dressed in too-small shorts
     and a shirt that is cut short enough to ride up the back as soon as the sub
     bends over. This exposes the top of the plastic pants, especially if they
     are  coloured as the sub's instinctive reaction is to keep pulling the
     shirt down which merely attracts more attention. Sight is sometimes the
     most overestimated sense of the five. In fact, in familiar surroundings,
     it often fails to give as much input as we expect so constant efforts in
     this area must be made. Ever looked for your keys only to have someone
     else find them right out in the open where you already looked? Sight
     'takes for granted' the things it expects to see in an environment so you
     the Top needs to ensure the state of the sub is beyond question. When
     sight of your sub is blocked, however, its other senses heighten to make
     up for the loss. This is part of the fight or flight response. Peripheral
     vision, that is, seeing something out of the corner of the eye, can become
     very acute when a sub is under stress and it can be very unnerving to see
     something move in and out repeatedly from their field of vision,
     especially when they are restrained or blindfold.
     The selection of the subs plastic panties should not be overlooked. Here
     again many manufactures design their panties to be quite. To defeat this
     is easy and I would recommend panties or bloomers made from a polyurethane
     (plastic) material called Euroflex. This is a particular favourite of
     mine. Ultra soft, translucent, very thin yet extremely strong with a
     rubbery feel. Plus they crackle when worn and although they are more
     expensive than normal plastic they tend to last longer. See the links for
     either Plastic Pants Com or LLMedico lower down for details.
     Disposable diapers and well-worn plastic pants can be noisy and here we
     are looking at the sense of hearing. The crackling sounds can be quite
     loud and attract attention from passers by in shopping malls and airports.
      In addition, these materials are noisy to take off and put on, so if your
     sub must change its diaper in a public washroom it will not be possible to
     for it to do so discreetly. Hearing is also important to the general scene
     certainly in the way you as the Top gives commands. Sounds like the rustle
     of rubber or plastic, water running, the clank of metal all heighten
     awareness. The Top thinking to phrase simple questions like, 'how are our
     plastic panties then?' 'Have we soiled our diaper then?' can be effective
     on two levels. The first is the simple question which must of course be
     answered fully, do not accept a simple yes or no. The deeper one is
     induced by the use of words like 'our' and 'we'. You the Top, are further
     reinforcing your control as the sub will be well aware that only it is
     directly effected by the diaper and the 'our' and 'we' only serves
     indicates who controls the regime.  When a person is subject to sensory
     deprivation, hearing is, an open door to the subconscious. The
     subconscious is the place where dreams are made, and it detests gaps in
     information. If it has only half a story, it will make the rest up… so, if
     your sub can't see you, but perhaps can feel you near, and hear you laugh.
     The mind will make up the reason you are laughing.

     Another element to noticability is smell. Adult diaper companies do not
     yet add fragrances to their products but this is no impediment to the
     ambitious Top. Males are especially susceptible to the torment of being
     sent out into public with the sweet fragrances of scented Vaseline, baby
     powder and lotion preceding him like a cloud. There are two available from
      http://www.mommiesscents.com/  which enable you to  recreate those
     familiar aromas from  childhood. Mommies Diaper Fresh Scent and Mommies
     Powder Fresh Scent are two  scents designed to make a diaper or just about
     anything you want smell just like original baby diapers or the sweet,  
     aroma of baby powder. Any sub subjected to these will be very aware of
     perfumed cloud that surrounds them and have no way of avoiding it! Of
     course, if desired, the sub can be made to soil itself (laxatives and
     suppositories are useful) and this is the most humiliating visibility
     factor of all. As a punishment glycerine suppositories are very effective.
     Simply restrain your sub diapered on a bed spread-eagled, administer 3 –4
     suppositories and simply leave them to it for an hour or so with the
     command they must remain clean or else. It is effective and your sub will
     need punishing for that I am sure. Having added extra bulk, several pairs
     of plastic panties and perhaps double diapers, the competent Top has
     already addressed many concerns for efficiency. However long trips,
     extended punishment periods or the deliberate cultivation of diaper rash
     require innovation. In situations where the sub must be capable of
     changing its diaper, such as on an aircraft, it is possible to keep the
     sub wet and safe at the same time. You have a choice of using either a
     cloth or a disposable diaper to accomplishes this. If a cloth diaper is
     used, fit it as normal but sew the cloth diaper on so the sub cannot
     remove it (you may wish to insert a butt plug before doing so) but do use
     pins to take the strain off the thread. If a disposable is being used,
     pierce the outer plastic cover with numerous small cuts to allow drainage
     and secure it on with several around the waist passes of wide packing tape
     or better still silver duct tape. Make sure the tape is very snug because
     the diaper will sag when wet, allowing the sub to remove and replace it.
     In both cases an additional cloth or disposable diaper is now fastened
     over the first diaper and plastic or rubber pants added. When necessary,
     the sub can be sent to change its self with the instruction not to remove
     the first diaper. They will not become dry, nor will they have an
     opportunity to play with themselves. The sense of smell can be further
     used by the simple reuse of soiled waterproof pants. (I always keep a pair
     of wet panties handy for this reason and for use as a punishment by
     fitting them over my subs head-make the punishment fit the crime?) The sub
     will initially be comfortable after their diaper change but will be
     reminded constantly of their eventual condition. Obviously don't forget to
     reinforce this by reminding them of this by using the hearing sense to
     constantly remind them of their 'smelly' condition.  Taste is probably the
     least used sense in diaper bondage. It is however closely related to
     smell, and in fact, it is not possible for your sub to taste when it
     cannot smell. Pinching the nose closed works to help get your sub to
     swallow noxious medicines like castor oil, try it.

     If efficiency is a concern, the use of bloomer style plastic pants may be
     effective. These extend part way down the leg and while helpful in
     preventing occasional leaking, are very uncomfortable, especially in
     summer. These pants are often used for punishment purposes. When placed on
     females wearing a short skirt or a male in white cotton shorts it is
     almost impossible to conceal them properly.  

     The element of security is concerned with the ability of the sub to alter
     or escape the punishment of wearing diapers. This is unacceptable and must
     be prevented at all costs. There are two strategies, to secure the diaper,
     or to secure the clothing, which covers it.

     Securing the diaper allows the sub to be kept in the state of half-undress
     described earlier. It is also useful if the sub is to be displayed to the
     Top's friends or is sleeping away from home and the customary bed
     restraints. It allows the sub's hands to be free, permitting the
     assignment of chores. Generally a chastity belt design is used with a wide
     crotch band secured to a sturdy belt. The lock may be discreet or not at
     the mistress's pleasure. Such a device increases the discomfort of the
     diaper, makes soiling more unpleasant and can forestall attempts at
     masturbation through the diaper. It may be used on both males and females
     but the former will suffer more from its effects. Among its disadvantages
     are that it can tear the plastic pants and that a male can sometimes gain
     access to his genitals through a leg opening unmonitored allowing

     Securing the clothing which covers the diaper is more efficient in
     preventing masturbation but can be less convenient in other areas. Total
     body cover suits can be locked at the neck with a small lock and are
     deliberately made to prevent access to the genital area. This will prevent
     the sub from removing the garments you have put on it and also playing
     with itself. Many types of this sort of garment are available as they are
     used in hospitals and the like. Home made items can be trimmed and styled
     as you like and if based on shorts, chains at the cuffs will prevent
     access from that point. Such chains can be discreet, if necessary. Further
     reading on this subject HERE .

     An alternative is to use pantyhose on both males and females. A stout pair
     of control top should be used. The garment is placed on the male and then
     a fine wire or chain is passed through the waistband and locked. The male
     cannot get access from the leg openings and there is the additional
     benefit of compression from the girdle-like panty. Males especially are
     humiliated by being made to wear pantyhose. Forcing your male to go out in
     public wearing only shorts over his hosiery or alternatively wearing
     slacks can enhance this but also sandals which reveal his secret to all
     whom happen to look down. Since there is no plausible reason for a male to
     be wearing hosiery, the potential for extreme embarrassment is high. If
     pantyhose are used on a female, use of the seamed variety will be
     effective; bloomer style panties would add to her distress, especially if
     the skirt was short. A point to remember though that any cloth garments
     can be ripped and sharp instruments like scissors can make short work of
     removing even the most secure garment but you will know that interference
     has taken place and can react accordingly.

     Once the sub is securely bound in diapers and plastic pants the Top's
     concern turns to measures, which will aggravate the sub's condition.
     Excessive fluid intake, diuretics and laxatives are the most common
     measures adopted. In the case of fluids, the properly diapered sub, left
     alone, will have no choice but to wet its diapers. This can be rewarding
     for the Top especially during the first few occasions when diapers are
     used. The sub fights its toilet training all the while knowing that the
     inevitable cannot be forestalled. Unfortunately, subs usually become
     accustomed to wetting within a few weeks and there is no longer any
     entertainment value for the Top in this act. At this stage the Top may
     wish to insert a catheter into the sub before diapers are applied, thus
     forcing true incontinence. Again, the initial results are pleasing, since
     the sub is rendered into a true incontinent state. Remember that prolonged
     use of catheters can cause infection and that these devices forestall
     ejaculation in the male.

     The decision of whether or not to force a sub to soil itself depends on
     the preferences of the Top. Remember the sub can perform the necessary
     cleansing operations and be punished if the cleansing operation is not
     thorough. Forced soiling can produce spectacular results in a novice sub
     and should be experienced at least once to judge its value. Since all subs
     attempt to avoid the experience of soiling, some encouraging measures may
     be required. Generally the process of moving the bowels will be enhanced
     with the additional fluid intake, but if immediate results are required, 3
     or 4 glycerine suppositories work wonders. An alternative is to begin
     feeding bulk laxative to the sub approximately 24 hours before diaper
     confinement is to begin. Each administration of the laxative reminds the
     sub of the punishment to come and the fact that it will be made to soil.
     This may result in whining and begging-off on the part of the sub, which
     the Top may wish to address once the session has begun.

     A soiled diaper on an adult gives off a distinct aroma. Unless severe
     humiliation, in the form of knowledgeable attention from the public, is
     desired, soiled subs should be kept at least 15 feet aware from innocent
     by-standers. One of the most rewarding aspects of forcing a sub to soil
     while diapered is the knowledge that it confronts one of the major
     injunctions of psychological development and causes tremendous anxiety in
     the sub. A wet diaper can feel like a wet bathing suit but the adult sub
     will not have experienced the sensations of a dirty diaper since being a
     small child. The knowledge that it has messed itself and is unable to do
     anything about it until you the Top agrees, will torture unmercifully.

     Soiling is most traumatic for a sub during the first hour after messing.
     During this time the sub will be aware of little else but the condition of
     its diaper and the strange sensation of its own effluent being spread
     about inside it. However beyond this initial phase, there is little to be
     gained by prolonged confinement in the messy diaper unless a rash is
     desired or the sub is being forced to sleep in its mess as a punishment.
     Cleansing operations are generally easier if attempted as soon as possible.

     Subs will become accustomed to soiling if subjected to the procedure on a
     regular basis. A Top wishing to avoid this may choose to make the process
     more uncomfortable or difficult with the use of butt plugs, chastity-type
     retention belts, or tight clothing. Forcing the sub to soil while in
     semi-public places or in the presence of friends of the Top is also very
     effective. In the latter case the sub may be secured outside for a time in
     consideration of the comfort of the guests.

     Diaper domination makes use of some equipment, which might not be found in
     routine male training situations. Fortunately this equipment is light and
     portable and therefore lends itself to travel and over-night use.

     The most important aspect of diaper bondage is that the sub must be
     rendered helpless to adjust, change or remove its diapers. The security
     devices discussed earlier are effective but are not always appropriate.
     The most common long-term bondage appliances are rigid mittens, which
     limit the use of the hands and restrictive clothing.

     Medical restraints are available without question from medical supply
     stores or you may fabricate them. Any design that keeps the hand from
     being able to grasp and prevents use of the fingers and which may be
     fastened securely is acceptable. Without the use of its hands or fingers,
     the sub is helpless to affect its diapered condition. The sub may be left
     alone in the house suitably restrained and able to perform only limited
     functions. It  may, for instance, be able to answer the phone but dialling
     out is impossible. Sub's in this condition will certainly attempt
     masturbation in the form of rubbing themselves through their diapers.
     Since the sensations produced if correctly diapered in this manner merely
     remind the sub of its diapered condition, it may be allowed. The sub may
     also be told that evidence of masturbation (most obvious in the male) will
     be punished severely. A useful tell-tail of masturbation, if the sub is in
     disposable diapers, is the condition of the paper wadding which makes up
     the diaper core in the area of the genitals. It this is This is a sure
     sign that masturbation has at least been attempted. There are various
     products on the market which can aid in this and Checkmate is effective
     and recommended. The use of only mittens to restrain a male can produce
     unexpected and yet pleasing results since the sub feels quite free but yet
     is prevented from the one thing it wants most, to be out of its
     uncomfortable diapers.

     Restrictive clothing is used most often when the sub is being put down for
     the night. A straight jacket is the most effective garment to use but any
     thing which securely encloses the diapered area and or restricts the
     wearers limbs is good. One-piece sleepers are most effective here since
     the sense of confinement adds to the effects of having been forced to wear
     and use diapers. If rigid mittens have not been incorporated into the
     garment they may be added to prevent the sub from removing the garment
     during the night. Sleepers should if possible cover the feet, be cut
     generously in the crotch and fasten at the back of the neck. The ability
     to lock the main zipper is handy but not necessary if mittens and a simple
     tie are used.
     A brief word about punishment—always make it fit the crime.

     One of the primary advantages of diaper domination and bondage is that a
     "scene" may be protracted over several days or weeks without undue wear on
     either the mistress or the sub. Since, aside from being kept in diapers,
     the sub is able to function normally; there is no need to end a scene in
     order to provide for nourishment or rest. Therefore scenes can be
     integrated into normal life, such as the sub being made to attend cocktail
     parties, sporting events, theatre, and social evenings while in diapers.
     Each of these situations presents the sub with a different set of
     potential opportunities for discovery. Longer outings will, of course,
     require a change of diapers and the diaper bag being present is often a
     major embarrassment in itself. Regular and frequent physical checks of the
     diapers should be made with the aim to humiliate and enforce in the mind
     of the wearer your control over his or his body. Don't forget the senses,
     hearing? Ask questions in the third person like, ‘how are our rubbers
     then?.’ Do we need changing?’ ‘Are our plastic panties uncomfortable?’
     Follow these with lots of pats on the butt, fussing and adjusting or
     pulling up of the garments.

     Diaper domination is most effective when the sub is kept sexually aroused
     but denied orgasms. Oral servicing of you the Top will see to your needs
     but I can not stress highly enough that your sub should be kept sexually
     frustrated. The unusual sensations on and around the genitals will help,
     as will often the enforced humiliation. I would strongly advise that you
     be prepared to stimulate your sub when rewards are due just to the point
     of orgasm as this will reinforce the pleasure/pain aspects of true diaper
     domination. If you are concerned that your sub is achieving  orgasm I
     would suggest an increase in the padding used and/or the use of a chastity
     device. For female subs these, when used under a diaper even a relatively
     simple belt will prove very frustrating to the wearer and thus very
     effective. For a male sub I would recommend only the CB2000 device at the
     moment. The wise Top will show compassion when it is called for, but will
     never allow it to be the occasion for relaxing the routine of diaper
     discipline or for moderating the punishments that the recipients
     constantly attract.
     Once you start your must be determined in your task and not ease off. Your
     sub will most certainly try to challenge you and try and avoid the
     discipline. This is where harsh and strict punishment needs to be applied
     and with maybe a little Petticoat Discipline which works well for both
     sexes. If Diaper Domination is done correctly the final result  will be a
     charming, decorative, demure and compliant sub who will be a credit to
     Mediquip UK http://www.mediquip.co.uk/
     AC Medical Pants http://www.acmedi.com/acms/
     B4NS Pants http://www.b4ns.com/
     Joy24 Europe Pants http://www.joy24-shop.de/index.html?sitemap.htm
     Laeser Europe Pants etc http://www.laezer.de/index.html?cat=068
     Save Europe Pants & Diapers http://www.airoliver.de/save/
     LLMedico Pants in Euroflex http://www.llmedico.com/plastic-pants/
     Plastic Pants Com http://www.plastic-pants.com/
     ABAIP Pants Diapers http://www.abaip.com/atd_pants.html
     Fetware http://www.fetware.com/ultrasoft.htm
     Superdresses Local Page http://www.superdresses.com/  
     Anena Abri-Let http://www.sanicare.com.au/Default.asp?ID=1141

     V D L  or (Visable Diaper Line) and other practical questions answered
     After the above was posted I found I want to expand little further and
     also answer a few regular questions about general care.
     When you take your sub out you have two options in my view. One is to keep
     diapering to a level where it is effective but not noticeable and the
     second where it is even more effective and visible. To what level it up to
     you as the nurse. Remember you control your sub and every and I mean every
     element of this process. As I have said earlier, thing like noisy plastic
     pants (these are a must) will boost the subs awareness of their diapered
     state but there is nothing better to increase a subs awareness of its
     state than giving it a VDL (Visible Diaper (nappy) Line. Most girls worry
     about a VPL (visible panty line) don't they? Just think of the impact a
     VDL will have on your sub! A reasonably thick 'overnight' diaper will do,
     but if you want to pile on the humiliation and give your sub a good mind
     fuck it is a good idea to pad one of these out further with a 'booster'
     pad or two or even three dependent on the type/s you have available ;-)
     A tight skirt or pants in the case of a male is all that is needed to get
     them squirming to be allowed to hide or cover up. If you can go for while
     cotton, especially for shorts as it give the chance of show through. A
     request to hide or cover up  must be stoutly resisted. In your mind you
     must remember that most members of the public who will see your sub will
     not even notice the padding. Those that do notice it will almost certainly
     think it is for medical reasons. There may even be a few who will wish
     secretly that they were in your subs position!

     A few people have asked recently for recommendations for which
     manufactures briefs are the 'best' for containment and 'show'. This is
     hard as it does not always follow and there are other factors to take into
     account The smart ass answer is the ones you like I suppose but If you
     want me to be helpfull, well, let's see how one of my favourites, the
     Abena X-Plus brief "stacks up" against Depend® overnight briefs..
     . As you can see, each Abena brief contains far more absorbent material
     than one of the best that the leading brand has to offer. If you check the
     statistics you will find the Abena will contain more than almost all of
     the leading brands. Plus the construction and design are very good.
This means:
     Up to 40% fewer changes if you are keeping your sub in them 24/7.
     Less chance of (embarrassing) leaks.
     Your sub will be sleeping though the night without the need for a change.
     Going out for dinner etc, without having to worry about finding a place to
     change your sub.
     Consider that by the time you use up a bag of Abena briefs, you may have
     gone through almost two times as many ordinary briefs, not to mention an
     extra load of laundry! That is why I have found the Abena brief to be more
     economical than the usual store brands.
     Other tips? Don't forget to use a wrap of gaffer tape around the waist.
     This not only reinforces the tapes which with most diapers are pathetic
     and only just up to the job but also makes it so anyone with a half decent
     waist can not take their diaper off without it being obviously damaged. I
     would also suggest you tape over the tapes to reinforce the side joins
     after you have done the waist. Pull enough tape off your roll so it
     overlaps the side depth by a couple of inches or more. Wrap/stick the
     overlap over and to the inside of the diaper.

     There, all nice a snug to go out once we have our rubbers on.

     Don't forget a pacifier. Any dissent from your sub and you should pop one
     in your sub's mouth. If you can get the type with a clip on cord, get one
     as it makes a charming accessory. Buying one can be fun if you let your
     sub pick one out. Make sure a 3 year old  plus size is selected. If not
     make sure you loudly state why the one selected is of no use. Don't forget
     the right color and don't let it be taken out until you give permission.
     Requests to remove it (if you can understand them He, he) lengthen the
     time. Golden rule the sub is not allowed to touch her pacifier with her
     hands. If she drops it she must get down on her hands and knees to
     retrieve it with her mouth. Reward this clumsiness with half an hour
     corner time and 6 swats of the paddle. If the hands are used at any time
     treble both the corner time and the swats.

     This site http://www.airoliver.de/save/  supplies the Nuk Medic Pro L
     which has a nipple almost
twice the size of a standard pacifier.
     Look under Pacifiers/ Dummies on the side bar.
           Keep those pacifiers from getting lost and ensure they are always on
           show by using a pacifier clip. Attach one end to the pacifier and
           clip the other end to your sub's clothes. Perfect!


     On the subject of going out... don't forget the golden opportunity of a fancy
     dress party. If you're going to one great and you can really mind fuck your
     sub while you are at it but also its a great answer should anyone ask why
     your sub is dressed the way. 'Oh we are going to a fancy dress party',
     works very well be assured!  It helps if you are also dressed in a party
     manner yourself to pull this off effectively but hey it is not essential.
     And then there are cloth diapers. OK we were not talking about diapers but
     I want to. Personally I love the way my sub's buns looks in a pinned
     So cloth diapers, the main types are pre-fold, fitted and all-in-ones.
     Pre-fold diapers are rectangular shaped and are divided into 3 sections
     than span the length of the diaper. The middle is the thickest section
     with 6 to 8 layers of fabric. The outer sections usually are four layers.
     Then there are fitted diapers which resemble disposable diapers. They have
     a contoured shape and have gathered elastic edges around the legs. Instead
     of tape, they are fastened with Velcro or snaps. You can also have them
     made without fasteners so you can pin or fold into plastic or rubber

     I have already mentioned plastic panties. They are optional but advisable
     in my opinion with disposables but cloth diapering requires two pieces,
     the diaper and a waterproof cover. The main reason for separating the
     diapers from the covers is that diapers require more rigorous cleaning and
     can wear out the waterproof quality of an attached cover. I find that
     having these two pieces separate just makes buying diapers more fun. You
     can mix and match covers, find covers with cute prints, or buy different
     kind for day or evening wear. Separate covers can be reused several times
     between washings and can be hand or machine washed when necessary. Still
     if you want, you can invest in AIOs (All In Ones). These are basically
     fitted diapers with the waterproof cover already sewn on. Since these are
     more expensive and require more care than I prefer to reserve these for

     While there are many cloth diaperers that prefer to pin, pins are no
     longer a necessity with cloth. You have already read about fitted diapers
     and AIOs which can be closed with attached fasteners like Velcro or snaps.
     However if you want to stick with the economical prefold, you have pinless
     alternatives. You can enclose your prefold in plastic panties. Alternately
     you can use snappy clips, which are Y shaped plastic fasteners that have
     claws at each end to grab and hold the diapers in place.

     Personally I love the way my sub looks in a pinned prefold. Pinning is
     easy once you get the hang of it. One trick I I picked up from our
     daughter is to stick my pins in a bar of soap between uses. The soap
     provides a coating that makes the pin slide right through the diaper the
     next time...this makes a big difference when trying to diaper a wriggly

     If dirty diapers scare you, don't worry. Today's washing machines do all
     of the work. For dirty diapers, simply shake out loose pieces into the
     toilet bowl and dunk if necessary and put the diaper in the pail. If this
     still bothers you, use paper thin flushable liners between your sub's
     bottom and the diaper. You never have to touch the poop!

     My method for washing diapers consists of 4 steps:

     = Overnight Soak. I place all diapers in the washer with cold water and ½
     cup of baking soda. Baking soda is key here. It is very effective in
     whitening and removing the urine smell from the diapers. I let the diapers
     soak in a baking soda solution for at least 8 hours, usually overnight.
     = Hot Wash. I drain the water from the soak and re-fill the washing
     machine with hot water, liquid fragrance-free laundry detergent and more
     baking soda.
     = Rinse. For the rinse I use cold water, add ½ cup of vinegar, this
     softens the diapers and balances the PH balance of the diapers.
     = 2nd Rinse: For this final rinse I use cold water only.

     Many people think a cloth diaper pail is smellier than a disposable diaper
     one. I found the contrary to be true. Since I flush poops down the toilet
     there is less to stink up the room. With disposable diapers, you usually
     have dirty diapers sitting for days. Even through a Diaper Genie TM, I
     have been able to detect the scent of a dirty diaper. Therefore, unless
     you take the Diaper Genie TM out to the garage to remove the diapers when
     it is full, your play room will stink of week old dirty diapers for a few

     On the few occasions when my diaper pail starts to emit a bad odour, I
     simply sprinkle baking soda (again!)
      When washing diapers make sure to use fragrance free detergent in the
     wash and vinegar in rinse. Also avoid borax, bleach, soap detergents and
     fabric softener. Bleach and borax break down diaper fibers. Soap and
     fabric softener reduce the absorbency of diapers. If your sub gets diaper
     rash with cloth diapers chances are you have done something wrong.

     So there you have it cloth diapering in a nutshell. Now you that have the
     basic information try it out for yourself! It's fun, fashionable, easier
     than you thought and a great way to keep a sub just where you want them..
     Diaper changing
     I have had a few questions about changing a diaper. Let me start by saying
     It's just poop people, it isn't toxic waste and your sub's poop isn't any
     more disgusting than my grandchild's poop.  Whether it is elephant poop or
     pigeon poop, it's still poop.  Soap and water works, incontinence products
     work and there is no reason to characterize any of this as filth.  These
     are not terms we apply to infants in  similar conditions. If you're put of
     by odours use a mask with a small amount of perfume on it.

     OK lets get to it and I'll write this as if a disposable has been used as
     the process for both is very similar. Most of the time I let my sub clean
     herself up but I always insist it is me who fits the fresh diaper as it is
     at this time I decide if anything like suppositories or booster pads are
     need. if I decide to change her and I frequently do I use a diaper pail
     with lid, two plastic dish bowls, one for wet and soapy wash cloths, and
     one for the used washcloths. I start by placing the plastic bowl
     containing the soapy wash cloths and the water soaked wash cloths within
     easy reach of my sub.  The other bowl can sit on the floor to receive the
     used wash cloths.

     Slide a plastic garbage bag under the torso and over the pad/towel
     combination.  I've tried other water proof sheets such as cut up shower
     curtains and table cloths and the garbage bags work the best.  They are
     slippery enough to slide under the body without disturbing the sub very

     First pull on some latex gloves. Undo all the tabs on the front of the
     brief and/or cut any duct tape used to secure it.  

     If you are dealing with urine only, you can remove the pad entirely, slide
     a new pad into place under the body, wipe your person with a damp cloth,
     pat on some lotion and close the tabs of the brief and refit the plastic

     If you are dealing with a bowel movement, fold the front panel tabs into
     the centre and roll the centre panel in towards the body from the top
     until it is down by the crotch.   Use the pad itself to wipe as much of
     the bowel movement as possible.  Fold back the side panels into

     Use a baby crib pad/bath towel combination as a draw sheet.  It should be
     in place under the body of your sub and this should be part of the regular
     bedding.  This combination will absorb any run over of urine without
     getting the sheeting wet and is more easily laundered and changed than the
     entire sheet is. It also acts as a draw sheet.  By holding two corners on
     one side of the bed and gently raising it in the air it will gently roll
     your sub on to their side.  Make sure they don't crash into bed rails or
     smother in a pillow.

     Remove the used pad, also wiping up as much of the bowel movement as
     possible.  Discard it into the pail.

     Using soapy wash cloths, clean the bottom area and between the legs.
     Rinse with the wet wash cloths, dry and apply lotion, or what ever
     lubricant you choose.  Wipe your hands.  

     Take a clean brief, open it up so that the panels are flat, hold in place
     on the body with your hand while you gently roll the sub back onto their

     Repeat the process of washing and cleaning the front of their body.   
     Pull the front panel up through the legs and attach the tabs. Duct tape at
     this stage if your sub is going to be active. It is at this stage I
     frequently fit a pair of cotton briefs with a booster pad to catch any
     overflow of urine. Finally, fit a pair of plastic panties and restrain
     and/or dress as required.

     Only when my sub is fully dressed and secured do I deal with the clean up.

     Lotion, lubricants?  An important note first.  Make sure your hands do not
     have any of this lubricant on them when you close up the brief.  The tabs
     will not stick if any of the lubricant gets on the diaper surface. Also
     many oils and lubricants attack the plastic used in plastic panties making
     it brittle and shortening their life. So what do I use? I used cold
     pressed castor oil which puts a solid shield of lubricant on her skin
     which acts as a buffer between it and her body waste.  Castor oil has long
     been known as a healing agent in the Middle East and is widely used in
     homeopathic medicine as a healing agent on the skin. It doesn't hurt to
     also give your sub a few table spoonfuls of castor oil while you have the
     bottle handy. "Bag Balm" which is now available in Costco as well as
     numerous drug stores and department stores is another healing agent that
     presents a very good buffer between skin and bodily waste.  It is often
     used by new mothers treating diaper rash.  In any event, use something.
     Like everyone of all ages who wears diapers my sub has bouts of diaper
     rash.  It is very important to keep on top of this.  You will be amazed at
     how quickly castor oil cleared it up.   

     Care of Plastic Pants

     Detergents and bleach easily strip the elements from plastic that make it
     soft and pliable. For long life of plastic products and to preserve
     softness follow these instructions:
     1. NEVER machine wash. Always wash by hand soon after use.
     2. Never use Detergent. Use only mild hand soap containing no perfumes or
     deodorants for best results Example: Ivory Bar soap.
     3. Always hang dry away from heat source
     4. Never use a gas or electric dryer

     Additional Care for Tinted Plastic
     Wash plastic garments with a mild soap and then rinse it in fresh water
     after use. Wash your plastic panties separately until any excess dye
     washes out. Some plastic's will bleed a little with the first few
     washings. This is normal, the bleeding will stop. Most bright colors will
     fade in the sun. You can slow this down by soaking your new panties in a
     mixture of vinegar and water for 30 minutes. (1 tablespoon vinegar to 1
     quart of water) Do not line dry in the sun, it is well worth will hanging
     them outside to dry but do so in the shade.  Avoid hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and
     highly chlorinated pools. Wash in warm water only. Never: bleach, put it
     in the dryer, iron it, or wash it with whites. Do not sit on abrasive
     objects (sit on a towel when at the pool or on a boat.) Avoid oil based
     suntan lotions. Most oils are harmful to plastic fabrics.

     How to Wash Diapers
     To Pre-soak or not to Pre-soak? A lot of people think you absolutely have
     to pre-soak all of your subs diapers, soiled or not. I'm not one of them
     but it is up to you. Here are my reasons for NOT using a "wet pail". A wet
     pail, filled with water and wet/soiled diapers is very heavy. The diapers
     are clean and smell fresh, even without using one. If the diaper is soiled
     swish the solids off the diaper in the toilet (diaper dunking) and place
     it in a "dry pail" until washing day. Don't forget to wash your hands! A
     note regarding toilet dunking: DO NOT use any "drop in" toilet cleaner if
     you are a diaper dunker! The chemicals will eat away at the diapers in a

     Dry Pail

     If you choose to use a dry pail, simply put the soiled diapers in the pail
     until wash day. If you have a problem with odors, sprinkle a little baking
     soda in the pail. Any that gets on the diapers will just be washed out.
     Another natural deodorizing option in to soak a cloth in vinegar and put
     it in the bottom of the pail and wash with the diapers.

     Run the diapers through the soak cycle using cold water, no detergent.
     Wash the diapers on the "heavy soil" setting with hot water, a full scoop
     of detergent and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Last cycle. This time I use the
     regular setting with hot water and 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar. The
     vinegar helps remove the ammonia smell, any excess laundry detergent left
     behind and works like a fabric softener.

     Do not use bleach. It will wear out the diapers faster and can cause
     diaper rash. If you dislike stains on your diapers use a enzyme stain
     treatment to remove them. Just make sure to rinse all of the enzyme stain
     treatment out of your diapers!

     Do not use fabric softener. The fabric softener will reduce the absorbency
     of the diapers and can cause diaper rash.

     Drying Diapers
     If using a dryer. Dry no more than 6-8 diapers at a time to allow room for
     circulation. Clean lint trap half way through drying process. Line drying
     diapers and plastic pants outside helps eliminate stains and the sunshine
     also sanitizes them. Plus it is a free way to dry the diapers! You may
     want to "fluff" them in the dryer, on LOW for about 5 or 10 minutes if
     they come off the clothesline stiff.

     Remember. Always wash a new diaper before you wear it for the first time.
     It will absorb better, feel softer, and any manufacturing oils that the
     thread picks up will be washed away.

     The following ideas are from Still Wetting
     Let subbie wear a lot of ice cubes in the diaper. A cold diaper gives an
     extra feeling of being wet. (they use to potty train baby's by having them
     wear a cotton diaper without plastic pants...the diaper will chill by
     itself and feels "wet")

     Second thing is that if subbie is a male it will shrink his weenie to baby

     Last but not least...after a couple of minutes the ice in the diaper does
     not hurt anymore (it does hurt especially between the legs in the
     beginning) but if subbie wets it will feel like burning fire. Just like
     playing in the snow with our gloves and warming them up later....:-))))
     It's also possible to soil a diaper pad, preshape it and put it in the
     freezer, but cubes work better. Cubes can be added easier to. If the cubes
     are almost melted....just put a couple more in the diaper.
     You could use urine to make the cubes...maybe your own...so subbies diaper
     will be soiled with cold urine that's not his/her's?
     Ice for leaking diaper humiliation

     Something i use for public humiliation is the following.
     Put subbie a bulky diaper on that certainly will be noticed under clothing
     in public. Put plastic pants on to cover this diaper.

     Now put a second pair of plastic pants on and no diaper in it.....just ice
     cubes. Its best if the plastic panties are a bit tight. Maybe use the kind
     you tie knots in at the sides.

     As soon as the ice begins to melt....the water comes.....this will not be
     absorbed and the 'diaper' WILL leak. You don't know exactly when and
     where....but it will happen.

     You could use urine to make the cubes...maybe your own so he/she leaks
     Urinate in subbies diaper
     When a sub will get used to being in a wet diaper. But if you urinate in
     the diaper while it is on it will feel extra dirty.
     Body diaper

     Let subbie wear a diaper until it is about to leak. (nice before
     bedtime).Now put on a cotton sleeper and cover it with a rubber catsuit.
     Let subbie wear this body diaper until it is soiled by the leakage of the
     diaper. It will feel very nasty to be wet all over.
     Open buttplug
     Something i call the incontinent plug. The plug should be as large as
     possible with a hole in it as large as possible.
     Have the sub take some laxatives and watch him suffer. The plug will stay
     in place butt the mess will go through without without moving the plug.
     To make subbie soil his diaper you could give him an enema just before
     putting a diaper on.
     Punishment diaper pad:
     Have your subbie wear a (non absorbing) diaper pad made of firm material.
     Make it wide enough (about 20cm) so subbie can not make their knees touch.
     Very bulky to show under jeans (about 5 cm thick) and long enough to go
     from front all the way up his rear.

     The most comfortable way to walk with this diaper pad (that can be worn on
     top of another diaper) is a toddler waggle. Going out in public subbie
     will try to walk as normal as possible. But the diaperpad will force the
     legs apart causing the inside of the legs to hurt as counter pressure is
     applied. A half hour could already result in friction burns. So eventually
     subbie will waggle anyway because it hurts to much to walk in a
     normal manner.
     Steel chastity belt
     Have subbie wear a steel chastity belt to prevent any touching of the
     genitals at any time, diapered or not. Wetting baby's should not be
     allowed to play with themselves.

     Also a chastity belt is great to hold a butt plug or dildo for more
     Subbies bed should never be without a rubber or plastic sheet at a
     minimum. Not just for practical reasons (protecting the bed for leaking
     diapers) but also for psychological reasons. Having to sleep on a noisy  
     and crinkly rubber sheet  is  also humiliating. If subbie is bad....let
     him/her sleep directly on it so he/she can feel the rubber sheet and sweat
     on it while sleeping. Don't ease off on it when sleeping over at friends
     or in hotels etc. Fit a sheet and leave the sheet on show for the cleaning
     maid to find. If the sheets are stained with wet spots it is even more

     If you like to protect the bed even more which is a good idea on it own or
     maybe punish your subbie more....use plastic protection for
     everything.....so the whole  bed is in plastic...the  mattress, the
     pillows and the coversheet or quilt...all of it.

     It will be hot...but you can clean the bed very easily.
     Here is where you can buy such item? Give  
      a try.
     Make sure you have plenty of diapers, booster pads, plastic pants and
     other supplies. As with the rubber sheets  psychological your subbie will
     know there is no way of you running out of supplies and so avoiding you
     fitting the protection. Do not hide your supplies away. Have them on full
     view. You could even add your subbies name on items like disposable
     diapers like they do in kindergarten. Here they write the wearers name
     along the fold of each diaper in the stack so everyone can see who it is
     for. Make sure you use a permanent marker pen for this so the ink does not
     transfer to any other garment.

     Question to the reader?
     I struggle between mindsets about masturbating. I believe a little boy or
     girl should not masturbate at all because it is just not proper to do so.

     On the other hand I believe that any arousal should be drained immediately
     to make the other punishments more effective. An aroused subbie might even
     LIKE his diaper punishment. But just after having an orgasm and all the
     LIKE is gone and just the dislike stays.

     The first thing can be accomplished by a chastity belt and denial of any
     stimulation. the second is possibly uncomfortable orgasms (just keep
     masturbating after cumming until it hurts) to drain all the horniness. Or
     just drain the horniness just before other punishments.



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