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Flying with Baby

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Being a baby is not always a case of staying home, playing and being fussed over. Sometimes Mommy has to go places and when that 'place' is an ocean away the baby can't simply be left with a babysitter. Particularly when the 'baby' is an adult baby, infantilised by his Mommy to the level of a small infant or toddler.

This story, based heavily on a real experience, tells of one guy's flight with his Mommy. His Mommy
decides that as her little boy, he has to become used to doing as he is told and accepting what Mommy
tells him wherever he is and whatever she wants him to do.

From waking up in his crib in the morning to coming in to land, this big baby learns a few more things
about what it is to be a submissive infant.

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Flying with Baby

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