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For the Love of Stephen

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Life had been going pretty well for Stephen. He and his wife Carol were getting along better recently and he knew the reason why. He had a Mistress who was willing to indulge his adult baby fetish. He'd never had the courage to admit such a thing to his wife... she hadn't been keen on any intimacy for years. Lucy, however, was different. She loved humiliating and regressing Stephen. 

She'd bought nursery furniture, adult sized, for him. She'd turned a room in her home into a nursery for him. A playpen, a cot, a highchair, baby clothes, feeding equipment - anything that a baby might possibly need had been bought for him. She, of course, hadn't paid a penny. Stephen's desire to be infantilised had overridden any sense of budget in his pursuit of a nursery lifestyle.

However, Stephen hadn't anticipated Carol mentioning Lucy's name one afternoon. One thing guaranteed to get women talking to one another is the idea of a new baby.


For the Love of Stephen

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