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£300, it was a bit more than he had expected. Phillip didn’t know if he could afford the services of Hannah, but if she was successful it would only take a few months for him to recoup this outlay, he was spending over £100 on cigars a month. There was another incentive for Phillip to see if Hannah could hypnotise him and cure his expensive habit, she was a very beautiful woman.  

Little did Phillip know that the decision he had made was going to change his life forever, he would have a relationship with Hannah, he would be very special to her, but not in the way he was thinking.

It was to be on her terms, she would be the one in control.

Phillip would never smoke another cigar or anything else for that matter, but he would have something else in his mouth to give him comfort, a baby’s dummy!

Over 300 pages!

Hannah's Baby

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