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Mummy's New Friend

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The reality, on a day to day basis, of being an Adult Baby is different to the fantasy that many may hold. Of course. Lying around in a cot or playpen while someone caters to your every whim - albeit infantile needs - can seem very appealing until real life kicks in.

Mummy had decided that it was time for real life to complement James' Adult Baby life. Mummy has a new friend. She calls her Jane. James call her Aunty Jane...when he is allowed to speak.

Aunty Jane's husband is a submissive and she is his Mistress and his world. She decides everything for him, and in return he serves her without question.

Being an Adult Baby, as James is, he also does as he is told...without question or explanation. Whether it be Mummy who is telling him or Aunty Jane.

This short (35 page) story tells of James' first meeting with Aunty Jane.

Mummy's New Friend

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