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Amanda was very pleased with how things had progressed with Phillip; his regression back to a baby had gone very smoothly. She felt now was the time to give her own explanation of how she had successfully removed his adult personality and replaced it with that of a helpless baby. As far as she was concerned Phillip was just a baby, there was nothing adult about him at all, that had gone for good, never to reappear, Phillip could only function as a baby, her baby.

It hadn’t taken long, just a few weeks, and that was it, he would now remain a baby for the remainder of his life. She had just seen Phillip drift off to sleep in his cot, and now she was sitting in front of her computer doing her best to give a detailed account of how it happened, how she was able to take this once adult man back to the life of total babyhood.

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Mummy's Story

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