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Phillip's Regression

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Phillip had never felt comfortable in the adult world, he always felt he was a bit of a misfit, he didn't belong, he was an outsider. Phillip knew what he really wanted to be, and had done so since he was able to reason and understand, he wanted to be a baby. A cute helpless infant with a loving mummy who would love and treat him as a baby all the time.
He doubted that he would ever find such a woman, he had to suppress his baby desires and keep them a secret, only indulge himself in the privacy of his own home and only tell those who would understand and not condemn him for having such desires. The only woman he had ever told of his baby desires had betrayed him, he felt he was now condemned to live a solitary life.
Things were about to change though, a new life was awaiting Phillip, at long last it was going to be possible for Phillip to have all his wildest dreams answered, he could be the cute helpless baby with a loving mummy.
Told in great detail this story will leave little to the readers imagination of how Phillip returns to the life of eternal babyhood. Was it what he really wanted, could he be truly happy living as a baby, giving up his adult side forever?

Phillip's Regression

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