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Huge adult-size bouncy chair gives parents the chance to look through their children's eyes
Scaled-up model built for exhausted mothers and fathers
Even has oversized stuffed toys and a vibrating function

Daily Mail - 21 February 2013

Ever watched your baby snuggled up in bouncer and felt a pang of jealousy?

Exhausted parents are being given the chance to see the world through their infant's eyes by trying out an adult-sized bouncer.

Measuring almost three metres long and two metres high, the comfy cot comes complete with a hanging stuffed toys for entertainment and a
vibrating function to send mothers and fathers off into a peaceful slumber.

The model - built by children's toy maker Fisher Price - is not for sale but will be on display and available to try out at The Baby Show
in London this weekend.

Sam Khan, who was asked to try out the bouncer, said: 'It's amazing. It gives you a whole new perspective on how big the world is to a

'It is really comfortable and with the vibrations as well its very soothing I could easily have fallen asleep. I'd love to have one in my
living room at home!'

A spokesman for Fisher-Price said: 'We're trying to demonstrate to parents what it's like to be a baby so they can understand for
themselves. We will be encouraging mums and dads to try it out at the show.'

More than 20,000 people are expected to visit the exhibition in London where more than 200 children's brands will showcase their latest

The baby market is big business with baby equipment, nappies and toys alone worth an estimated £3.3billion in the UK.

Parents spend an average of £1,500 on their child before it is even born.

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