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Will I Always Be A Baby Mummy?

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Winning a lot of money can come in very useful, if you are clever and do not let it go to your head.

That was Phillip’s mistake. It did go to his head, and for that he was going to pay a terrible price.

He thought he could do what he wanted without paying the consequences; he soon found out that he was very mistaken. The money did come in very useful, but not as Phillip expected.

It gave the person he had upset; his wife, all that she needed to be the one in control and get her revenge on her husband for neglecting her and having an affair with Susan. The money would bring about a new life, but it was not to be a life of fast cars and exotic holidays for Phillip, it was going to be a new life for him in ways that he could never have imagined or thought possible, a new life as his wife’s baby.

Nothing could be more humiliating for Phillip, for him as a grown man to be treated as a helpless baby and to be told that he would remain a baby for the remainder of his life.

Will I Always Be A Baby Mummy?

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